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Guild Rules! Important to Read! Empty Guild Rules! Important to Read!

Post by Arianos on August 8th 2015, 6:43 pm

We don't have many guild rules as we don't need them; our members are amazing! Treat each other as you would expect to be treated

* Keep guild chat clean! We are a family guild and try to keep cursing, foul language to a minimum, and we try to keep the topics of discussion under control. Always remember children may be reading!

* Always be polite! How we act toward others across Norrath and within our own guild makes us who we are. Treat others respectfully; be thankful to those that help you; and encourage your guild members. This is what makes us great guild!

* Share the loot! We want to grow as a guild and to do so we need to gear all of our members. Please roll on items for the character you are playing on a Need-Before-Greed system when grouped. If the item is not an upgrade for the character you are playing then please roll greed, even if it may be an upgrade for an alt. Many of us have alts, so keep it fair and make sure everyone has a chance.  For collection items, lore and legend and quest items, always need the item if you need it!

* Be helpful! Since a guild is only as strong as its members, we need to learn the game, our classes and strategies to become stronger. If you see questions asked in guild chat and you know anything on the subject, please share your knowledge if you have time! It is so disheartening to ask for help and receive no response from your guildmates. Don't be afraid to use Google, since many answers can be found there as well.

* Respect others in the guild hall! When banking, selling, crafting or shopping on the broker, please dismount from your large mounts. Dragons, raptors, horses and other large mounts make it difficult for others to access the vendors you are using. We want to be sure all or our guild members have the same enjoyable experience with our many amenities. We often don't realize how much room we take up on these mounts, but our smaller members sure do!!

*Be courteous when using crafting resources!  We encourage everyone to use the guilds crafting resources!  After all, that's what they are there for! However, please remember you are not the only one who uses the resources, so replenish as you can so others can enjoy crafting in the hall too. This includes fuel!  There are also many guild alts that use the crafting resources to level up their professions, so be kind to all those you don't recognize and introduce yourself. They may be someone you already know. If there are rare components in the resource depot, please don't take them out unless you are using them for guild purposes.  Also, if you have time, please check the guild harvesters, deposit the resources into the guild depot, and send the harvesters back out.  This will help us keep stocked on the resources many of us use!

* It's important for us all to have fun! Please be considerate of others and enjoy the game!! Make friends, joke, tease, smile, hug, and laugh with us! After all this is JUST A GAME and everyone here just wants to relax and have a good time. Don't get stressed; don't get mad.  Instead die with us, cry with us , laugh with us and make memories with us! Lots of good things will be coming soon, the most important thing is to have fun, and help others! We are all here to help one another grow!


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